Casio MWD-110H Review

Today I'm reviewing the Casio MWD-110H. It's a large brute of a watch, but it looks and works great.

CasioReview  |  03 Feb 2023

Three Great Alternatives to the Casio F-91W

The Casio F-91W is a fantastic watch, but it's far from the only cool watch Casio produces. Here's some great alternatives.

CasioOpinion  |  20 Jan 2023

Are Luxury Watches Worth It?

Both luxury and affordable watches tell the time to a similar degree of accuracy. So are they luxury watches worth it?

Opinion  |  02 Jan 2023

Why the Casio F-91W Is the Best Watch Ever Made

I had to start on a high here, folks. In this post I'm going to prove to you that the humble Casio F-91W is the best watch ever made.

Casio  |  25 Nov 2022

The Obligatory Welcome Post

Hey there! Welcome to Casio Guy! This is my brand new blog all about affordable watch collecting.

Meta  |  24 Nov 2022